Friday, March 25, 2011

But, It's Chocolate

(Kim, a quiet girl in my office who eats a microwaved lunch at her desk everyday, just got back from Europe. She visited Barcelona and I ask her what she thought of the food. Lenore overhears our conversation.)

Kim: I was just looking forward to eating all the time. It was the best part of the city, I thought.

Me: Yeah, I know. There were so many places to choose from.

Kim: I bought these little chocolate balls just to snack on but because it was so hot, they melted into one ball and--

Lenore: What, what? Chocolate? Excuse me, what are you talking about?

Me: Kim was just saying that she bought some chocolates in Europe. But they melted.

L: (scandalized) What?! They melted! Where? Where did they melt?

Kim: In my bag. It was very hot.

L: It was hot and the chocolates melted, huh?! I can't believe that!

Kim: Yeah, it was too hot I guess.

L: I just can't believe that! How terrible. Did you eat it anyway?

Kim: No, it was too messy. I didn't want to get it everywhere.

L: But it's chocolate! Who cares!?


Originally posted July 14, 2008

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