Friday, March 25, 2011

Flapping the Lights On

My office lighting is equipped with motion detectors. While sitting at my desk typing, not moving, the lights go out. I wheel back and flap my arms in the air to activate the motion detector. The Vice President walks by and sees me doing this.

VP: (poking head in my door) Yes?

Me: Hi.

VP: Did you need something?

Me: No. Can I help you?

VP: You were flailing your arms around. Can I help you?

Me: Oh, no, I was trying to turn my lights back on.

VP: (trying to joke) I find it helps to get up and flick the switch.

Me: My lights are set up on motion detector.

VP: Like a patio?

Me: Yeah, I guess.

VP: Seems a little weird to me.

(Seven minutes later the lights go out again and I flail my arms. They turn on. Witnessing me, Lenore comes into my office.)

L: Did you need me?

Me: No. Did you need something?

L: Are you drowning?

Me: I was trying to get my lights back on. They're on a timer.

(Lenore steps in front of the light's motion detector and begins to wiggle and shake her body.)

Me: What are you doing?

L: I'm turning your lights on.

Me: But they're already on.

L: Well, I'm just resetting the timer with lots of movement. Now they won't go off for hours.

Me: That's not how that works.

L: (continuing to wiggle) Let's see.


Originally posted
March 7, 2008

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