Friday, March 25, 2011

Good Chips

I need to ask Lenore a question about students stopping by my office in the afternoon. She has her back turned to me, eating chips and reading the back of the snack-sized bag.

Me: Lenore...

L: (holds her hand in the air, does not turn around) One second.

Me: ....

L: (continues reading) ....

Me: ....

L: ....

Me: There are some a couple students stopping by and I was wondering where the--.

L: (turning around, irritated) What is it? I'm reading.

Me: The chip bag?

L: Well, I've never had these chips before and I wanted to know what made them taste so good.

Me: I don't know. So, I have some students that need scholarship information and....

L: (showing me the bag) Have you ever had a Kettle Chip? They're so perfect and amazing. These are with sea salt and, (looking at the bag again for a reminder) and pepper.

Me: Yeah, I have them all the time.

L: You mean they're not new? I love them!

Me: No, I think they've been around for awhile.

L: Oh, I wish they made them in larger bags. I'm gonna have to buy all these little bags now because I go through them so quickly.

Me: They do make bigger bags. You can get them at the grocery store.

L: What!? Well no one told me!


Originally posted March 20, 2008

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