Friday, March 25, 2011

They're That Nice!

(Alice in my office was throwing out a sickly office plant and decides to give it to me with the hallmark, " I thought you could nurse this sad little stick back to health." It is, indeed, a sad little stick with two sad little leaves. Later in the day Lenore walks by my office and notices I have the plant.)

Lenore: Did Alice give you that plant, mister? She said I could have it.

Me: Yeah, she just brought it by. Wanted me to save it.

L: Well I'm the best at saving plants, didn't you know? This one time, down at the Lakeview Center [former location of our offices] there was a plant there--honest to God (she crosses herself)--that was dead and I brought it back to life. I'm being honest, I'm not lying. Honest!

Me: Wow.

L: Yeah, you know Stephen, right? Well, Stephen was going to throw this poor little plant out and I said, 'Hey Mister, don't throw that plant out. Give it to me.' So he did. And let me tell you something, it was so dead, you could see through its leaves. Really! Hand to heart, I'm being honest.

Me: I believe you.

L: I took that plant home, talked to it and watered it and guess came back to life! Oh, dios! It really did. I swear to you I'm not lying.

Me: Well sometimes plants' roots are alive while the rest of it looks dead.

L: No, but this plant was really dead. I mean really! And, you know, all it needed was love and someone to talk to it.

Me: And water and sun?

L: Those work too.

(Later in the day, Lenore, the die-hard thrift shopper, comes into my office with our recent event calendar. She points to an upcoming event at the deYoung Museum we're planning during the Yves Saint Laurent exhibit.)

L: Did you go to this?

Me: Well, we are going to it. It's in November.

L: (looking closer at date) What? I love (mispronouncing) Yeave Sant's stuff! What, what is it? What are you going to do there? I mean, in the museum, what are you going to do?

Me: Well, we're just having a reception with our alumni. And a guided tour.

L: (swelling) Really?! That's sounds like so much, so! You guys do the best things.

Me: Yup.

L: Well, what sorts of thing are going to be showing?

Me: I don't know, probably a lot of his garments through the years, I'd imagine much like the Vivienne Westwood exhibit they had.

L: I don't know her. But you know, I have a lot of Yeave's stuff.

Me: Yeah?

L: Oh, yeah! It's all over Savers [her favorite thrift store]. I have a leather hat with fur and a beautiful shall. Oh, it's so beautiful. You'd love it, mister.

Me: Maybe you should come to the show and wear it.

L: I'd love to! I could model his stuff and people would think I was part of the show.

Me: That'd be great.

L: Oh, oh, and I have this really beautiful pair of leather boots, only they're not really leather, but they look like it. They're so nice. Really!

Me: There you go, head to toe in YSL.

L: Well, the boots are made by International Concepts but they look designer. They're that nice!


Originally posted July 22, 2008

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