Friday, March 25, 2011

iTunes uTunes

I walk by Lenore with a plastic bag full of strawberries (which has very little to do with this story) when she stops me.

Lenore: (seeing strawberries) Hey mister, I just love strawberries. But what I wanted to ask you is about music.

Me: Yes?

L: Do you have a radio or something in your office? You always have music playing and I thought you were playing, you know, a radio or something like a radio.

Me: No, it's my computer.

L: Do you have a radio on your computer?

Me: I use iTunes. I can listen to the radio or just music from my playlist if I want.

L: What's, tunes?

Me: iTunes?

L: Yeah, what is your tunes?

Me: No, it's called eye-Tunes, like an eye-Pod.

L: Oh, I want to get one of those. Are they like radios?

Me: Not really. But they play music like a walkman.

L: Well, walkmans have radios on them. That's what I want. I want to listen to music at my desk.

Me: Just download iTunes on your computer and you'll be able to play music.

L: I don't know how to do that.

Me: It's easy.

(Later, while I'm downloading iTunes on Lenore's computer she turns to Richard, in the cubical over from hers.)

L: (pointing to me) He's downloading a program to play radio music on my computer.

Richard: Oh, like iTunes?

L: Yes, they're going to be my tunes, though. I want to listen to Josh Groban.


Originally posted October 22, 2008

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