Friday, March 25, 2011

Nanner Bread

Lenore loves banana bread and claims to eat it everyday. I made some this weekend and brought a healthy slice in for her this morning.

(Lenore, having just discovered the banana bread, comes into my office.)

Lenore: (smiling ear to ear) Mister, did you bring that banana bread for me?

Me: Yes! It's a new recipe. No eggs.

L: Oh! I just love banana bread. You know I buy it everyday down at the cafe?

Me: I know.

L: Thank you! I'm gonna go eat some right now.

(A moment later.)

L: (with crumbs and chocolate on her face and banana bread in her mouth) You know what I taste? I taste peanut butter! Is there peanut butter in here?

Me: Yes, I put Reese's Pieces in there instead of chocolate chips.

L: (squealing) OH! I would never have thought of that. It's really good.

Me: I'm glad you like it.

L: You know what else is good that I tried this weekend? Lemme tell you. It was a recipe I saw on the back of an, um, what was it know that onion soupy pack thing?

Me: Dried onion soup mix?

L: Exactly! That's exactly it. I got a piece of chicken, put oil on it and then rolled it in that onion mix. I just love onions. Then I cooked it for 25 minutes....OH, it was heaven, just heaven!

Me: Sounds good.

L: Oh it was, it really was. I'll have to give you the recipe.

Me: You just did.

L: You don't want me to write it down? It's easy to mess up.

Me: Isn't it just chicken and onion soup mix and then you cook it?

L: (thinking about it) I forgot you like to put peanut butter in bread, you must know everything.


Originally posted October 6, 2008

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