Friday, March 25, 2011

Peanut, Peanut Butter!

Lenore joined something she calls a "Peanut Butter Club". She told me a little bit about it a few weeks ago and because I didn't have the bandwidth to gather more information, I didn't ask any questions. Until today.

(I see a new jar of peanut butter on Lenore's desk.)

Me: Did you get another jar of peanut butter?

Lenore: Oh, yes! This one is so bueno! It has caramel in it.

Me: Is that from your peanut butter group thing?

L: Yes, this is the third one. Would you like to try some?

Me: Sure, why not.

(Lenore pulls out a saltine cracker and spreads the peanut butter-caramel on it. I take a bite and give her an agreeing grin.)

L: It's so good, huh?

M: Yeah, I can taste the caramel. .... So, what's a peanut butter club? Do you have to pay a fee or something to join?

L: No, nothing like that. I just heard about these special flavor peanut butters and my friends and me all buy them and send them to each other.

M: Oh, kinda like a book club. You buy a jar of PB and then discuss it?

L: (without a bit of sarcasm, pointing into my chest to emphatically drive the point home) Exactly! Exactly right!


Originally posted August 22, 2008

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