Friday, March 25, 2011

Prize Wheel

Lenore receives all kinds of office supply magazines and loves to mull over the pages for hours. She brings one to show me called Organize Now and instructs me to turn to page 58.

(Pointing my attention to the "Prize Wheel".)

Lenore: Well? ... Doesn't that look like fun? (reading caption and pointing to each word while she says it) Prize-Wheels-increase-employee-moral.

Me: Morale.

L: Morale.

Me: A wheel? What do you do with that? It's for the office or something, like, to use in the office?

L: I dunno. We would play all sorts of games, like, Vegas-style, on our breaks and things. It's too quiet out there [in the wider office area].

Me: What prizes do you win?

L: I don't know. Just prizes, I guess.

Me: Yeah, but what does that mean? I don't know if we should be gambling at work.

L: (shrugging) I just thought it would be fun. You know, make people want to come to work.


Originally posted July 28, 2008

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