Friday, March 25, 2011

Shame Shame, I Know Your Game!

We only have a certain amount of "personal days" we can take a year and I'm squirreling mine up for a summer trip. I want to take off Wednesday and use it as a "sick day"...but I have to go through Lenore first...which can be as challenging as barreling through wet tissue.


Me: I'm taking tomorrow off. Can you adjust my time sheet?

Lenore: Are you sick?

Me: No, but I don't want to use up my personal day.

L: Well, you can't use a sick day unless you are sick.

Me: Then I'm going to be sick.

L: Oh, no! I hope you don't get what Daniella had! She was out for a week and she's still not feeling better! Did you hear her coughing earlier?

Me: ...

(I end up taking Wednesday off as a sick day and Thursday, walk into the office.)

L: Good morning! Feeling better?

Me: Uh, yes, much better. Thanks.

(Later, at water cooler, Lenore walks in and hears me talking to another co-worker about Wednesday.)

Me: .....and we ended up in Calistoga for lunch. It started to rain so we had to cut the day--.

L: (interrupting) Oh! That's why you're sick! You shouldn't be out in the rain.

Me: I wasn't really sick Lenore. I went wine tasting with my boyfriend's parents.

L: Shame on you!


Originally posted March 28, 2008

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