Monday, April 4, 2011

Check Your Oil

(Lenore is having car troubles.)

Lenore: Hey mister, did you know there's more than one oil your car?

Me: You mean more than just motor oil? Yeah, there's like three or something, I think.

L: (poking me in the chest) Exactly right! I didn't know. I. Had. No. Idea! I've been driving for years and no one ever told me.

Me: It's true.

L: Now let's see...there's, uh, um, let's see....there's motor oil, and then there's....

Me: Transmiss--

L: (excitedly) Transmission oil and, and, more. Now let me think...

Me: Brake fluid?

L: You mean brake oil?

Me: Sure, it's a lubricant. Anything to keep the gears moving.

L: Well, I have never once checked the oil in my baby car and I am just now getting trouble with it. Why would people keep car oil a secret from everyone else? I just never knew and have never once heard of it. Not once!

Me: I don't know. Just be sure to always check your oil and tires and belts--

L: Tires! Why do you have to check your tires? Do they have oil in them?

Me: No, just air.

L: Oh, yes. That's right. I thought, Dios, 'I have to check the oil in my tires?' Wouldn't that just be a kick? It sure would.


Originally posted October 22, 2009

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