Monday, April 4, 2011

For Lovers of the Pizza Pie

(While looking through my mail, Lenore pulls me aside to talk about pizza.)

Lenore: Hey, have you ever tried a Tombstone pizza?

Me: Is that the frozen one?

L: Uh, yes. And it is so yum-o. Really, really just...yum-o!

Me: Oh, I'll have to try it sometime.

L: I just love pizza and can't find--you know what, do you know any good pizza places 'round here?

Me: Yeah, I guess so. Do you like deep-dish pizza?

L: Oh, no, just the regular dish. I like that one that is just, I don't know, not so thick.

Me: Thin crust?

L: Yes, that's it, the kind you get at a pizza place.

Me: Oh, well, there's lots of different kinds of [artisan] pizza in the city. You can go to Little Star or Patxi's for deep dish, lemme see...Zante's for Indian-style pizza--

L: (wrinkling nose) Ew. No.

Me: --Pauline's pizza is excellent, there's Delfina if you like more Italian-street-style pizza...let's see, oh, or Brother's pizza in the Sunset is amazing. I don't know, there's a ton of them in city.

L: As long as it's as good as Straw Hat Pizza, I'll eat it.

Me: Straw Hat? Is Straw Hat still open?

L: Well, I can't find it any more, it used to be in the West Lake Shopping Center and I was so sad when they closed. But let me tell you something, it is the best. Best. Best, pizza in the world, and probably the city too.


Originally posted September 20, 2009

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