Monday, April 4, 2011

Lenore Learns About LGBT

Lenore has few tasks, few real tasks, one of them being to file and record business invoices. But before she can do so, she must collect as much information about the invoice as possible; purpose of invoice, how many people participated, etc. Because I work most all of our events, I file a lot of invoices for processing. Last month I organized the first university lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) alumni mixer, which was located at the American Conservatory Theatre (ACT). Lenore had some questions.

(Lenore trundles into my office with an invoice and a mechanical pencil in her hand.)

Lenore: Um, excuse me, excuse me, mister?

Me: Yes?

L: I have dummy question for you. Actually it's uh, uh, well, I have you know what this (reading from invoice) elle...gee...bee...tee...mix-er event was?

Me: Oh, yeah. On June 26th? That was the LGBT mixer at ACT.

L: At what? What?

Me: The American Conservatory Theatre.

(Lenore scribbles down notes on the invoice.)

L: Oh, okay. Do you have a guest list for it or do you know how many people went? You know, I have to put down all kinds of information.

Me: I'll just print out a list for you.

(I go to my computer to search for the guest list. Lenore scribbles more notes on the invoice.)

L: Oh, one more thing. What's elle-gee-bee-tee?


L: Yeah.

Me: That's stands for lesbian-gay-bisexual-transgender.

L: (eyebrows raised) Oh, really? All that stands for elle-gee-bee-tee-aye-cee-tee?

Me: No, ACT is the American Conservatory Theatre, where the event was held. LGBT is lesbian-gay-bisexual-transgender.

L: I see. And what were they all doing there? You know, at this thing?

Me: Well, it was a mixer for--

L: A wh-what?

Me: A mixer, a get-together for lesbians. (slowly) And gays. And bisexuals. And transgender people.

(Lenore scribbles some more notes on the invoice.)

L: And they all came?

Me: Yes. All of them.

L: I see. (scribbling) Do I have to write all that? All, lesbian and gays and--

Me: No. You can just write LGBT.

L: Will people know what that means?

Me: Yes, most people should.

L: Well, I didn't.

Me: But now you do.

L: Yes. And what kind of event, I mean, wha-what was it for?

Me: You could just say it was for donor cultivation.

L: Oh, it was to cultivate the elle-gee-bee-tees?

Me: No, not really. Just write that it was an alumni social, meet-and-greet.

L: Oh, okay. (reading as she writes) Elle-gee-bee-tee alumni meet-and-greet at aye-cee-tee.

Me: You got it?

L: Yep. I think I've got it!


Originally posted June 23, 2009

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