Monday, April 4, 2011

Lenore Plays the Saxophone or Sloppy on the Dismount

(I walk into the office and see Lenore hard at work with a pair of scissors in her hand, grazing over the sleeve of her sweater to cut off the pilling. She sees me and puts down the shears.)

Lenore: (mimicking like she is playing the piano with her fingers) I didn't know Josh [coworker] played the saxophone?

Me: You mean piano?

L: I thought Josh said saxophone. It's like a horn. He came in with one this morning.

Me: Uh, yes, he plays lots of instruments but you were just mimicking playing a piano.

L: I don't play the piano.

Me: No, you were just pretending to play the piano but you said saxophone.

L: I can't play anything.

Me: Yes I know. Never mind. Yes, Joe plays the saxophone. Not the piano.

L: Well, I know that.


Originally posted April 20, 2011

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