Monday, April 4, 2011

Lenore Vs. Angry Man

An angry man came into our office today around lunch time. Because no one, besides myself, was around to help, Lenore was forced to tear herself away from her cheese and salt-free cracker lunch and assist him. I passively witnessed this exchange from my desk, enjoying it too much to be of any help.

(A man walks into the office, upset and out of breath, and engages with Lenore.)

Man: Do you know where the College of Extended Learning is?

Lenore: The, the what?

Man: The College of Extended Learning? I paid a thousand dollars to take this damn class and now I can't find it and I can't find their offices to find out where the damn class is!

L: Oh, I'm sorry.

Man: Well? Do you know where it is?

L: The Extended Learning College? Um, well, no, no I don't know.

Man: Great! What's up with this place?

L: Well it used to be here in this office, I think. But now we're here.

Man: Yeah, some kid across the hall at the financial aid office sent me here thinking this is the College of Extended Learning! Really, what is up with this joint? Don't you guys know where your college departments are?

L: Wait a minute. Let me see if I can call someone who might know. (Lenore flips through the directory and after a few moments calls someone.) Hello, this is Lenore over in the university development office. Do you know where the College of Extended Learning is? ... ... ... Oh, I see. Thank you. (To man.) It's at our downtown campus.

Man: (more angry than before) I know there's one down there but there's an office here on campus too and classes! At both campuses.

L: Oh, really? Where?

Man: I DON'T KNOW! Can't you call someone else who might know? This class has already started or (looks at watch) is starting now!

L: Okay, let me call someone. (Lenore picks up the directory again and after a few moments dials another number.) Hello, this is Lenore over in the college of extended, I mean, over in the university development office. Is there a College of Extended Learning college on the main campus...?

Man: (chirping in) No, is there an office for the College of Extended Learning here on the main campus? I'm taking a class that they offer here, at this campus, somewhere, but no one knows!

(Lenore hands the phone to the man.)

Man: (taking phone) Hello? ... Yes, I'm looking for the office, on this campus, for the College of Extended Learning. ... ... ... Yes, I went there. ... Uh, huh. ... Uh, huh. ... ... Great. Well, then, never mind.

(He hands phone back to Lenore.)

L: (in phone) Hello? Hello? (To man.) There's no one there. What'd they say?

Man: Fuck it! This S.O.B. on the phone doesn't know anything and wants me to go back to the financial aid office, and they don't know their ass from a toilet seat and, and you don't know anything. I give up!

(He walks out the door. Lenore kinda follows him and stops short in front of my office.)

L: (to me) Did you hear all that?

Me: Yes.

L: (holding her chest) He was so angry. And rude! Did you hear how rude he was?

Me: Yeah, he wasn't happy. What class was he looking for?

L: Oh, I don't know. It was through extended learning or something.

Me: You can always look up classes online. They have the classrooms listed next to them. Or just call the downtown campus operator and ask them if they know. I'd think they'd be in touch with their offices here, don't you think?

L: No, that's okay. I think it's all taken care of now.


Originally posted July 31, 2009

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