Monday, April 4, 2011

Lenore Vs. MGO

(One of our Major Gift Officers, a fundraiser, bounds into the office, out of breath and hair awry. Lenore, per usual, has her back to the front door. I listen in.)

MGO: (angrily) Lenore, you told me I had to hurry hurry hurry and meet Professor Mills for our meeting!

Lenore: (slowing spinning around in her chair) What? What was that?

MGO: I said, (slowly) you gave me a message that Professor Mills was in a hurry and he had to, no, I mean that I had to hurry to our meeting. Not that he was in a hurry, but that I had to hurry and meet him! But Professor Mills said, when I finally saw him, that he told you he was running fifteen minutes late. I scarfed my lunch down and beat it over there for nothing! Now I'm late for my next meeting.

L: Oh, is that what he said? (she laughs) I thought he said he had to do something so you had to hurry to the meeting--or something like that.

MGO: Yes, and that's wrong! He told me, after I'd waited for him for twenty minutes, that he told you that he was running fifteen minutes late and was trying to hurry for my meeting with him!

L: Oh, he said twenty minutes?

MGO: No, he told you that he'd be fifteen minutes late--.

L: But I thought you said he was twenty minutes late.

MGO: No! He was twenty minutes late because I was five minutes early! I was hurrying, because you told me to and I hurried up and ate my lunch so fast so I wouldn't miss him!

L: Oh. Oops.

MGO: Yeah, oops is right!

L: But you still got there on time, right?

MGO: Yes, I did. With time to spare.

L: Oh, then it all worked out.


Originally posted July 9, 2009

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