Monday, April 4, 2011

Music Makes the World Go Round

(I am sitting at my desk listening to music and working when Lenore scuttles up to me.)

Lenore: Um, hello mister. You know, I want to listen to music like you listen to music on your computer.

Me: Okay.

L: But I don't know how to....well, can my computer even play music?

Me: Uh, sure. They can all play music. Do you have iTunes on your computer?

L: What's that?

Me: It's just an music application for your computer.

L: What's that?

Me: Uh, just a program that will let you play music. I thought we talked about it before. You can also use Pandora. That's another--.

L: What's that? Pandora? What's that?

Me: It's another program that let's you make your own sort of radio station.

L: (surprised) My oooown? Really! That's just great, mister. Can you help me, er, show me how?

Me: Sure.

(I walk over to Lenore's desk and computer and direct her to Pandora's website.)

Me: (clicking away on computer) So, now you just need to put in an artist or a name of a song you like.

L: But what if I want to hear lots of songs?

Me: You put the name of a song in and they'll make a whole station around what you enter. Like if you like The Beatles--

L: No, no, no.

Me: Okay, well if you like a song by someone like, I don't know, Frank Sinatra or--

L: No, no, not really.

Me: Who do you like?

L: (thinking) I don't know...I like that guy, oh, what's his name...Michael Bolton! Yeah, I like Michael Bolton. I just love listening to Michael Bolton.

Me: Okay (typing in 'Michael Bolton')...any one else?

L: No, I just want all Michael Bolton. OH! And did you see Dreamgirls? I want to hear Dreamgirls, too!

Me: (making it so) Alright, now you have a special Michael Bolton and Dreamgirls station just for you.

L: (amazed) Oh, that's great! Thank you so much! How do I hear it now?

Me: Oh, no speakers, huh? Do you have head--

L: (excitedly) Headphones? Yes, yes, I have headphones! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

(I go back to my desk and after about 10 minutes, Lenore calls me from her phone.)

Me: (answering) Hello?

L: Um, this thing is not working right. Do you have a second to come over and look--

Me: Sure, I'll be right here.

(I walk back over to Lenore's desk and see her crouched down in her chair with headphones in her ears.)

Me: What are you doing?

L: Oh, the cord on my headphones isn't long enough, I have to lean in close so they don't pull out of my ears.

Me: Oh.

L: But this thing isn't playing any Dreamgirls or Michael Bolton yet. It's playing (leaning in a reading from monitor) a Michael Bub-ble--

Me: Michael Buble'?

L: Didn't you put in Michael Bolton?

Me: Yeah, but it will play the artists you like along with all sorts of music similar to that artist.

L: Well I don't want to listen to other people. Can't I just hear the Dreamgirls and Michael Bolton?

Me: No, it doesn't work like that. It's like a radio station with a mix of different types of the same type of music. It's going to play, like, all the soft rock or soft jazzy stuff.

L: (not as impressed anymore) Oh. Okay. Well I just want Michael Bolton and Dreamgirls. That's all.

Me: You should bring in a CD and we can burn that on your computer and you can listen to it all the time.

L: Really! It will do that? Then no more Michael Bubble?

Me: No, no more Michael Bubble.


Originally posted January 26, 2009

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