Monday, April 4, 2011

So Good, I Can Taste It

I walked in today and saw Lenore manning a healthy piece of banana bread at her desk. She pointed out that we are wearing the same blouse (shirt) today. Actually, I'm wearing a blue and white gingham button-down shirt and Lenore is wearing a blouse with a blue and white floral print. That has nothing to do with this story.

(Lenore walks into my office carrying a pad of paper, her beloved mechanical pencil and a pad of paper.)

Lenore: Excuse me, mister. I don't mean to bother you, but I was thinking about that thing you came in with yesterday after, you know, lunch.

Me: What thing?

L: It was in a cup and it had a straw thing.

Me: Was it pink, what was in the cup? Was it pink?

L: (hand on chin) Well, now let me think for a minute. ... ... ... YES! I think it was pink, sort of.

Me: That was a strawberry shake.

(Lenore quickly scribbles on her notepad.)

L: Okay, it's called a shake?

Me: Well, it's a strawberry smoothie from the Snackademic in the student center.

L: (more scribbling of notes) Wait, wait, what was that?

Me: Smoothie. Smoothie. From Snackademic.

L: What? Again, please.

Me: Snack. Ah. Dem. Ick. It's across from the bookstore.

L: (still scribbling) Oh, okay. (reading it back to me) Shake-smoothie from Snack-ad-em-ic.

Me: Okay. It was a smoothie with strawberry, banana and--.

(Smoke coming off pad of paper as Lenore continues to scribble notes.)

L: WAIT! Wait!

Me: Lenore, just ask for the Alcatraz.

L: What? What's Alcatraz?

Me: Alcatraz is the name of the drink, the smothie.

L: And it has all that stuff? The strawberries and bananas?

Me: Yes, and peaches.

L: (licking lips) Peaches! Ummmm! Yum-oh! That sounds super yum-oh! And they'll know what I mean if I just walk up and say, 'Alcatraz?'

Me: Well, say you want the Alcatraz smoothie.

L: Not Alcatraz shake?

Me: You can say that, too.

L: But I want the one you had.

Me: Then say you want the Handsome Boy Special.

L: Oh, really?

Me: No, just say you want the Alcatraz. They'll know what you mean.

L: Perfecta-mento!


Originally posted July 13, 2009

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