Friday, July 29, 2011

Not That Kind of Chinese

There's a small restaurant on campus run by the students of the Hospitality Department. Sometimes they invite other campus staff to dine with them so the students can "practice" being hospitable to us. Then they get a grade for their service. Next week they are serving dim sum for lunches and our office staff was invited. This morning, Lenore came to collect $15 from everyone who signed up for the lunch.

(Lenore trundles into my office, shuffling her feet across the carpet.)

Lenore: Okay, mister. I need your $15 for that lunch thing and tell me what you want to eat.

Me: Isn't it just dim sum? Do I have to choose which dumplings I want now?

L: Yes. You do. Shrimp, beef or mushroom? Those are your choices.

Me: Oh, okay... I guess, hmmm, mushroom.

(I hand her $15.)

L: Thank you. I have you down for a mushroom dim sum.

Me: Are you going?

L: (making a face) No, I don't like that kind of food.

Me: I thought you liked Chinese food.

L: I like noodle Chinese food. I've never had a dim sum.

Me: Dim sum is Chinese food.

L: (not believing me) I've never seen it.

Me: That doesn't mean it's not Chinese food.

L: Well, maybe they just don't serve it at Panda Express.


Orginally posted September 29, 2010

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