Wednesday, August 24, 2011


(Elle and I are working and Lenore comes into our office with a bag of chips.)

Lenore: Quieres a Guacachip?

Me: A what?  (reading bag) Guac-a-chip.

L: They are made of guacamole and chips.

Me: Oh, I guess that makes sense.

(I take a chip and eat it.)

L: Yummo, right?

Me: Yeah, they're pretty good.

Elle: Can I try one?

L: Sure!

(Elle takes a chip and eats it.)

Elle: Mmm, those are pretty good and they're called what?

L: (quickly) Guacachip.

Elle: Thank you.

Me: Thank you.

(Lenore leaves with the chips.)

Elle: That is the dumbest name for chips.

Me: But at the same time, adds up.

Elle: It's still dumb.

(Twenty minutes later.)

Elle: I want another Guacachip. 


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