Monday, August 15, 2011

Never in My Life!

(Lenore comes into my office.  She is wearing her Land's End jacket and dragging her purse behind her.  My student assistant, Travis, is "working" at his desk nearby.)

Lenore: Can I just tell you something?

Me: Yes.  What's up?

L: In all my years working here, never in my life have Ellen [an assistant who sometimes answers office phone when Lenore is away] and I gone to lunch together.

Me: Wow.

L: And today we are.

Me: Good.

L: Can you believe we've never gone to lunch together?  Never!

(Main office phone rings in background, no one answers.)

Me: No.  That's unbelieveable.

L: I know.  Oh, (to Travis) I have your paycheck.  It's on my desk.

Travis: Can I get it now?

L: (grumbling) Uh, er, I'm leaving.

Travis: Isn't it just on your desk?  I can grab it.

(Main office phone rings again and no one answers.)

L: Well, I don't know it's, just, I'm leaving right now.

Travis: When will you be back?  Can't we just grab it real quick?  Is it locked up or something?  (laughs)

L: Fine.  I guess we can get it.

(Lenore and Travis head to her desk and a second later Travis comes back into my office with his paycheck in hand.  He rolls his eyes.  Lenore walks by door of my office before she heads out.  Main office phone rings.)

L: Okay, so Ellen and I are leaving.  So don't forget.

Me: Don't forget that you're leaving?

L: No, to answer the phones.  Nobody will be here.

Me: Oh, (hurried, picks up phone) Hello, University Development...

(Lenore waves goodbye and exits with Ellen.)


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