Monday, August 22, 2011

Schmear Campaign

This morning we had our monthly birthday celebration which isn't a celebration at all but a meeting where we write the names of the birthday boy or girl on a whiteboard and eat bagels in their honor...but only after singing 'Happy Birthday' with the gusto of an indoor wind chime.  And there are always leftover bagels to nibble on throughout the rest of the day.

(Lenore steps into the doorway of my office.)

Lenore: Hey mister, there's bagels left from the meeting if you want some.

Me: No, thank you.

L: There's plain and a raisin kind and I think onion. And also an herb schmear and one with salmon bits. Oh, and there's plain and lite.

Me: Is there a pap-schmear?

L: Ah, a what? I don't think so. Do you want me to go check?

Me: No, Lenore, no, I was joking.

L: Okay, well there's other kinds if they don't have the kind you like.

Me: I don't want any, but thank you for letting me know.

L: If you change your mind. They're in there.


Originally posted December 3, 2010


  1. LOL!...pap-schmear. I can only imagine the utter glee you must take in all of this. (I remember you and I messing with the BOH people at Chang's...remember 'Mr. Mustache?!'

  2. Yes, I do have to entertain myself in some way. I don't remember Mr. Mustache. Remind me.