Monday, August 15, 2011

There's Banana Cake In Kitchen*

(Morning. Lenore walks into my office.)

Lenore: Excuse me, mister. Guess what?

Me: (making facial gesture, eyebrows raised with interest, encouraging her to go on with her thought) ...

L: Guess.

Me: I don't know, someone brought in cookies or something?

L: (amazed) Did you see in the kitchen already? Wow!

Me: No. You always tell me when there's cookies or cake in the kitchen.

L: I thought you saw it. Let me tell you something, it's banana cake and guess what else? Alena [who is a new employee] made it herself. With bananas and chocolate.

Me: Really.

L: And it is sooooo so yum.

Me: Sounds good. I make mine with peanut butter cups.

L: What?!

Me: Yup, I always use one more banana than the recipe calls for and add chopped-up peanut butter cups.

L: And then what?

Me: And then I mix it up and bake it.

L: Really, that's it? Not flour or sugar or any of that other stuff?

Me: Well, yes, of course, all the normal ingredients.

L: Really! What's that recipe? Tell me again.

Me: (slowly) One extra banana and peanut butter cups, chopped-up.

Le: And what else?

Me: The normal stuff.

L: (not writing anything down) Uh-huh?

Me: Uh, let's see, flour, sugar, baking soda, and butter, vanilla, um, an egg and...

L: (waving her hand in the air) That's too much for me to remember. Anyway, you should try Alena's banana cake. It's just normal banana cake and it's really yum.


*At the time of writing this Lenore let me know she'd already eaten 3 healthy pieces.

Originally posted March 23, 2011

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