Tuesday, September 13, 2011

And It Has Pockets

(I walk up to Lenore's desk to check my mail and notice a large, ratty scarf with patch pockets strewn across a nearby chair.)

Me: Is that your scarf?

Lenore: Yes.  Do you like it?

Me: Uh, sure, it's nice.

(Lenore picks up scarf, puts it around her neck to model.)

L: You know what else?  Lemme show you.  It has pockets.

Me: (nonplussed) Hm.

L: What?  You don't think that's cool?  I've never, in all my life, seen a scarf that has pockets in it.

Me: Oh, I guess I haven't either.  Very cool.

L: You know what it's good for?  You can put your hands in it, like this.  It keeps them warm.

Me: Nice.  I just put my hands in my pants' pockets or just wear gloves.

L: Well, you can do that too but if you don't have those things you can do this.  (puts her hands in the scarf pockets and waves)  See?

Me: Oh, you can wave?  Nice.

L: Yeah, if you see someone you know or need to get a taxi.  I don't know.  (waves some more)  I like it.  Hello!

Me: Oh, yeah, I guess that could be useful.

L: I can also use it to open doors, you know, in case there are lots of germs on the handles from people who don't wash their hands.

Me: Don't you then wrap that pocket-end around your neck by your mouth?

L: No, I usually keep these ends down for my hands.  And sometimes I put my keys in there so I don't have to look for them in my bag.  But I have to remember they're in there or I will do this (sweeps one end of scarf over her shoulder) and the keys will come around and hit me.

Me: Ouch.

L: Ouch is right.