Thursday, December 15, 2011

Save the Birds

(As I'm leaving the office I pass Lenore coming in later than usual.  She has a plastic six pack ring and has put her hand through one of the rings.)

Me: Good morning!  You're coming in late.

Lenore: Oh, I know.  I lost my keys and just found them so now I'm here.

Me: (pointing to the six pack ring around her wrist) That's a great bracelet.  You just need a garbage bag purse to go with it.

L: Huh?  Haven't you seen these?  It's for soda pop.

Me: No it's not.  It's jewelery.  Sometimes six of my Diet Pepsis get stuck in them.  Such a bother.

(Lenore looks confused.)

Me: I'm kidding.  It looks like you got caught in it.

L: No, no, it's just around my wrist for carrying.  I can take it off whenever I want.  I found it outside and brought it in so I could cut it up and save a bird or two.  You know.

Me: Maybe you could catch a six pack of birds?

L: No!  That would be awful.


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