Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Rubber Meets Lenore

(I walk past Lenore's desk to my own and she stops me.  She has a fistful of new pens.)

Lenore: (handing me pens) Do you need any new pens?

Me: Uh, no, not really.  But thanks.

L: I got these for Ellen but she says she's allergic to rubber.  And got a rash.  See, these have a rubber grip.

Me: I see.

L: Now I have all these and I guess, I don't know... 

Me: Lemme try it.  (I take a pen, hold it as if I'm going to write and then grab my chest, fake a heart attack and fall in a nearby chair.)

L: OHMYGOODNESS!  Are you okay?

Me: (coming back to consciousness) I'm fine.  This is a great pen.  Thank you.

L: (confused, playful and a little angry) What?  You get out of here mister!


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