Tuesday, February 28, 2012


(Morning.  I'm near Lenore's desk, checking my mail.  She is watching a video on her computer of a cow being branded.)

Me: Learning to brand cattle?

Lenore: (wincing) Wha-? No, this is a video of my nephew and uncle.  Can you believe they still do this burning stuff to cows and things?

Me: Sure, I guess.

Lenore: I think it is just, just awful.  I hate when they hurt animals.  And he, my uncle, even hunts deer and shoots them!  (grabs chest in a gesture of disbelief)

Me: Some farmers just tag their herds with a spray or pierce the animals' ears.

Lenore: Like with earrings?  No!

Me: They're more like those censor tags like the ones they put on clothes so you don't steal them.

Lenore: Really?  So someone doesn't take a cow out of a field or something or the alarm will go off? 

 Me: Uh, I don't think any alarms go off, it's just to identify them as your cattle or sheep or whatever.

Lenore: I don't get any of it.  I just put collars on my cats and that seems to keep them around and my neighbors know they are mine.  You'd think they'd figure this out by now.


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