Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Whites Only

(Lenore shuffles into my office with a white sheet of paper in hand with all of the student assistants' schedules printed on it.  I'm typing an email.)

Lenore: Excuse me.  Can I ask you a question, mister?  It will be quick.

Me: How quick?

L: I don't know, a few seconds maybe.

Me: I'm kidding.  What's up?

(Shows me paper with all kinds of different fonts and sizes of letters and the formatting is wonky.)

L: What do you think of this?

Me: (taking paper)  Uh, it's fine...I guess, why?

L: Look closer.

Me: The fonts are all different?  I dunno.

L: No, the paper is white.

Me:  Yeah?

L: Well, lots of people told me that they wanted to have this student schedule thing printed on colored paper because if they have white paper it gets lost and they might throw it away too...with other white papers.  I worked so hard on it.  It's so we all know, you know, when students are in the office.

Me: Who complained?  Who's lots of people?

L: Huh?  You mean, who wants the colored paper?

Me: Yes.

L: Mario [the assistant director].

Me: And?  Is that it?

L: Well, he's the only one that complained about the white paper.  But I'm sure there are others.  Which is why I'm asking you.  What do you think?

Me: White paper is fine.  Ignore Mario.  He'll have to suffer through it.

L:  No, I don't want him to get mad.  Do you think he will?

Me: Lenore, he doesn't even have a student assistant.  I manage three of them and I already know their schedules.  Why does he even need to know that stuff?

L: He likes to know, I guess, and he likes it to be in color.

Me: Then make him a hot pink color copy.

L: (satisfied) Okay! That's why I come to you.



  1. I love that she comes to you to tackle the tough issues of the day. : )