Monday, March 12, 2012

Kettle Me This!

(I am in my office typing, per usual, and Lenore trundles in with a large bag of Jalapeno Kettle chips.  I turn to her as she slowly advances, shaking an open bag of chips at me.)

Me: Lenore, don't even come over here with those.  I'm not eating any more chips right now. [I'm on  a training diet.]

Lenore: (still advancing)  Are you sure?  They're so good.

Me: No.  Please, I don't want any.

Lenore: Com'on.  Just have one or two.  They're so good.

Me: Fine.  (I reach into the bag, take a small handful and begin to eat them.)  I love these...but no more, please.  You come in with treats all the time.

Lenore: But these are the best.  Have you heard of Kettle before, the name of this chip?  They're the best.

Me: Yes, I love them.

Lenore: I, I've tried them all and this one is the best.  The best!

Me: I love the New York Cheddar ones, too.

Lenore: Oh, I've never seen those.

Me: Or the Sea Salt and Pepper.  Those are so great, especially with onion dip.

Lenore: Where are those?

Me: Have you tired the Baked Potato?

Lenore:  Baked Potato?  A potato chip that tastes like a baked potato?  Really?

Me: Really.

Lenore: I've never seen it...but I've tried all the rest.  I still like these most.


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