Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Missing Salad

(I was in the kitchen area heating up some soup and standing beside the office refrigerator.  Bat Lady, a stuffy fundraiser with the demeanor of an old sore dog, walks in and opens the refrigerator looking for her lunch.)

Bat Lady: (barely looking around) Ach! Where is my salad?  (raising voice) Someone stole my salad!  (yelling to no one in the main office) It was Chinese Chicken and it was here this morning.  WHO STOLE MY SALAD AND ATE IT?

Me: (looking in the fridge)  Did you look around?  Sometimes people move the--

BL: That really ticks me off!  I've just had it!  Someone came in here, took my salad--THAT I PAID FOR--and--

(I pick up a dish and find a prepackaged salad underneath.)

Me: Here it is.  Is this your salad?

BL: Hmpf.  Yes, that's it.  Who the hell would hide it?

(Bat Lady snatches the salad from my hand, storms out of the kitchen, back to her office and slams the door in a huff.)

Lenore: (to me) Did someone really steal her salad?


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