Thursday, May 10, 2012

I Have Seen It All

(Lenore trundles into my office.)

Lenore: Do you want some chocolate?  Ellen brought some in and it's so, so good.

Me: No, thank you.

L: What, no chocolate?  It's so good though.

Me: I'm not eating much sugar lately.  I'm training for a big bike ride here in a few weeks and trying to be disciplined about my least for the next three weeks.

L: You are?  You ride bikes?

Me: Yes.

L: Do you know, gosh, what the heck is his last name?  He used to work here before you started.

Me: No, don't know him.

L: Hmm, I know his last name but...shoot, what is it?  Anyway, he rode bikes.  It was Russel Something.

Me: Oh, did he race or ride just for fun?

L: I think it was like Chon-koff or a Russian name like that.

Me: It's okay.

L: Alex knows him.  Yes, he did ride.  He even went to LA once.  On his bike! 

Me: Oh, maybe it's the same ride I'm doing. 

L: No, no, not Chon-koff, maybe Cher-noff or Sherr-kitz...gosh, I just can't remember.  And you don't know him?

Me: No. I don't know him.

L: Well, let me tell you, I see people riding around in the city, you know, when I'm driving, and they're crazy!

Me: Yes, some cyclist can be.

L: And, they're on cell phones and hair blowing in the wind.  No helmet.

Me: Really?

L: Yes, I've seen it all.

Me: Helmets are important.

L: Russel What-ever-his-name-is wore a helmet I think.  You know, I had his last name and now I don't.


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