Monday, July 9, 2012

My Son Was a Clown

(I'm sitting in my office with coworker, Elle, listening to a conversation taking place in front of our door.)

(Batlady enters carrying an old suitcase.)

Batlady: (interrupting din of the office, to Lynn)  Look, do you wanna see my suitcase?

Lynn:  Sure.

Batlady: See, it's really old and used to belong to my son.  He was a clown and used to juggle but now he doesn't and I have it.  I'm going to see if I can donate it.

Lynn: (from desk, not getting up)  Cool.

Batlady:  Yes, it's really cool.  I'm going to donate it to the theater department to use as a prop or something in a play.  It's got a lot of value.

Lynn: Oh.  It's cool.

(Lenore comes over and inspects bag.)

Lenore:  Hmm, I have lots of those.

Batlady:  Like this though?  This used to belong to my son who was a clown.  He would do kids' parties.  I don't think you had one like this.  Look how old it is.

Lenore: I see those all the time.

Batlady:  Well, this one was for a clown. (A few minutes later Batlady pokes her head in my office.)  Hey, did you guys see the suitcase I brought in?

Elle:  No, we heard you talking about it though.

Batlady:  I'm donating it to the theater department to use in a production or something.  It used to be my son's.  He was a clown.  You gotta see it.

Me: Where is it?

Batlady: In my office.  You have to come over there to see it.  Do you want to see it?

Me:  (together with Elle) Um, maybe later.

Elle:  (together with Me) That's okay.

Batlady: It's the real thing.  You should see it.

Elle: Can you bring it over here?

Batlady: Uh, well, it's kinda old and is falling apart a little.  But if you want to swing my by office to look at's just over there.

Me:  (together with Elle) After lunch maybe.

Elle:  (together with Me) Not right now.

(Batlady leaves, Lenore trundles into our office and starts to speak.)

Me: Wait.  Are you going to tell us about the clown luggage?

L: Huh, oh, Batlady's thing?  No.  There's all kinds of clown bags around.  It's not that special. 


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