Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Lenore Pops By the Office

(I'm sitting in my office talking to a coworker when Lenore walks in unexpectedly.  I gasp a little louder than I should.  There's lots of commotion, cross-talk, and hugs as people in the office gather around to greet her.)

Coworker: So how is it on the other side of the river?

Lenore: What?  What river?

Coworker: Retirement.

L: Oh, retirement.  Boy, I miss this place.  And I miss the paycheck.  And you wouldn't believe the paperwork you have to fill out to retire.  It goes from here to Walnut Creek, just paper after paper after paper.  I just left HR and, you know, wanted to say hello.  I miss you guys.

Me: How's all the packing going?  Are you still moving out of your house?

L: Oh, yes.  Me and St. Vincent de Paul have become great friends.

Me: Really?

L: I've been packing up stuff that you wouldn't believe!  I get up every morning, eat, go to the basement and just go through everything.  St. Vincent's has taken off with two truckloads of my stuff and you know what?  I'm happy to see it go.

Me: What are you getting rid of?

L: Mostly clothes and uh, let's see, I gave away a couple of lamps and, just stuff.  But mostly all of my clothes are gone.

Me: No more clothes?  Do you have anything left to wear?

L: A bed sheet.


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